Skin Care

For your Skin Benefits

Our Certified Dermatologist along with our trained staff are here to plan the perfect “skin care program” for you.

Correct Diagnosis, planned management, customised solutions are our hallmarks, all aimed at a more youthful skin. As they say “when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are confident to take on the world.


Threads are PDO threads which is the normal material used for suturing. These are inserted into the Dermis with a needle, where they dissolve to stimulate collagen - the elixir of youth. A true anti aging treatment, it can be used for both corrective and preventive care.

Chemical peel

Chemical peel is a solution applied on the skin. This solution is an acid derived from natural sources. When applied on the skin in a controlled environment they bring about an exfoliation of the superficial layer of skin. Excellent for pigmentation, glow, rejuvenation, acne treatment & scar reduction. The end result is younger healthier skin.

Hydra facial

Hydra Facial is the modern advance to the old micro dermabrasion treatment. It is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure using water jets - To give an effective skin polishing .It is useful for skin glow, cleaning, exfoliation, extraction and hydration of the skin.


Blood the life source for all humanity. We take a little of your blood and prepare the plasma and platelets from it. This is then introduced back in to your Skin using an injection / dermaroller / dermapen. This is a super rejuvenation for the skin - glow and also helps to stimulate collagen - to improve scars, for hair fall control and hair growth stimulation.


Mesotherapy is introducing a cocktail of special actives, stimulants into the skin. Can be used for glow, skin rejuvenation, scar improvement, fat breakdown. This is an adjuvant therapy used in tandem with our other treatments for skin glow and scalp hair.

CO2 Laser

CO2 Laser a cutting edge technology using the CO2 / Carbon laser for skin resurfacing and polishing. It is the preferred treatment for scar reduction and pigmentation of certain types. Can also be used for skin tag and wart treatments.

Laser Hair Reduction

We have both the Alexandrite and NdYAG laser hair reductions systems for effective management, control and reduction of abnormal hair growth. Carried out by our trained laser technicians under the Doctors supervision, we have been giving good results.

Body and face

Body and face Using the triactive machine together with our other procedures, we achieve good contouring, Fat reduction and skin firming of various body parts.

ElasticCautery & RF Cautery

ElasticCautery & RF Cautery for a quick and painless removal of skin tags, warts of the skin

Hair fall and hair growth stimulation

Depending on the cause of theproblem, solutions are provided. We use our entire range of services – Threads, PRP, Mesotherapy and Medical treatments to help bring control to scalp hair problems.