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The Dental department at Premium Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre Doha brings together first rate facilities and a highly trained team of experts in all areas of dentistry. The Dental Centre ensures that you are treated in a comfortable and hygiene environment.

An overview of the specialties represented at Premium Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre and some of the most commonly performed procedures

  • General Dentistry

    A beautiful smile starts with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. We offer quick and efficient general dentistry services to get you on your way

    • Exams
    • Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing
    • Fillings
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    A range of aesthetic treatments are available to improve the appearance of your smile.

    • Bleaching
    • Laser Whitening
    • Veneers
    • Hollywood smile
  • Prosthodontics

    Prosthodontists are experts in restoring and replacing teeth that may have been lost or damaged due to decay, injury or various other circumstances.

    Fixed Prostheses are commonly used to restore single or multiple teeth or replacement of spacing area including crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays.

    The advantages of the fixed restoration is a more secured fit compared to removable prostheses.

  • Orthodontics

    Orthodontic procedures correct the positioning of your teeth, improving appearance and boosting self-confidence.

    • Fixed Braces
    • Damon Braces
    • Invisalign
  • Endodontics

    This specialty encompasses treatment for pain caused by inflamed or infected pulp within the tooth.

    • Root Canals
    • Complicated root canal treatments under microscope
    • Endodontic Surgery
  • Periodontics

    Often overlooked, Periodontists treat infections of the gums and tissues that surround your teeth.

    Root Planning- Treats gum disease by thoroughly cleaning the space between the gums and teeth (along the length of the root).

  • Oral Surgery

    Oral surgeons specialize in operations involving the teeth and mouth.

    • Extraction - Removal of teeth that have become decayed or damaged, or that are causing overcrowding in the mouth.
    • Impaction - When teeth do not have room to grow properly (frequently a problem with wisdom teeth), they may become problematic, remaining in the gums or bones or growing in an improper direction. They are normally treated with surgical removal or extraction.
    • Polypectomy - Removal of polyps, small growths of inflamed tissue.
    • Drainage - Procedure to drain abscesses, which can form as the result of bacterial infection.
    • Dental Implants - Dental implant is an artificial root replacement made of titanium which has a good biocompatible to human bone.
    • TMD and Occlusion - The specialist will provide a proper management of TMJ (Jaw Joint) disorders and problems with your bite. The treatment is designed to reduce pain and to improve jaw function by combining an individualized home care program, jaw relaxation technique, and oral appliances such as a night guard or occlusal splint
  • Pedodontics

    We provide dental treatment for children with a very special care.

    We have Specialist Pedodontics doctors in oral care for children and non adults.

    • Fluoride treatment
    • Infusion therapy
    • Reconstruction / restoration
    • Pulpal treatment
    • Orthodontic treatment for children
    • Dental treatment for people with special needs and children who suffer from many diseases